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"Pleasure Land" XEME and WAIS Duo Exhibition 2021

L+/ Lucie Chang Fine Arts is pleased to present the duo exhibition “Pleasure Land”, showcasing two prominent graffiti artists XEME and WAIS at the gallery’s newly opened art space in Wong Chuk Hang. Both artists started painting at the beginning of the 21st century. XEME has long become an eminent name, bombing the streets of Hong Kong with an ever-evolving style, from traditional tags to Chinese calligraphy to pixelated words and images. As a leader in Hong Kong and Asia’s graffiti scene, he is also keen on promoting graffiti culture through publications, art festivals, and graffiti competitions, whilst collaborating with various artists for astonishing inspirations. On the other hand, two-time Write4Gold winner, Russian graffiti artist WAIS has been active in St. Petersburg and Hong Kong with his distinctive layered style, and his signature work at The Pulse in Repulse Bay and Square Street Sheung Wan has attracted floods of visitors all year round. Apart from their own creation, they are frequently invited by street art festivals worldwide and private corporations to paint murals. From walls to canvas, what doesn’t change is their pursuit of excellence and innovation through playing with elements including colors, shapes, and textures. Pleasure Land marks the debut exhibition of the duo and is surely a must-go for art lovers in the city.

L+ / Lucie Chang Fine Arts 很榮幸於畫廊的黃竹坑新址舉辦Pleasure Land:XEME & WAIS 聯展。XEME和WAIS皆於二十一世紀初開始塗鴉創作。XEME的名字遍佈香港的大街小巷,從傳統簽名到中文書法和像素化的文字和圖形,逐漸拼湊成街道的亮麗風景。作為香港和亞洲塗鴉的領軍人物,他同時熱心於以刊物、藝術節和塗鴉大賽推廣塗鴉文化,亦不時與其他街頭藝術家合作擦出新火花。曾兩次奪得塗鴉比賽國際塗鴉大賽Write4Gold冠軍的俄羅斯塗鴉藝術家WAIS則以其富層次感的獨特風格活躍於聖彼得堡和香港,在淺水灣The Pulse和上環四方街的標誌性巨型壁畫每每吸引遊客慕名而來。兩人除了塗鴉創作外,亦經常被邀請參與世界各地的街頭藝術節及為多個知名品牌製作壁畫。從牆壁到畫布,始終不變的是他們以顏色、形狀、質感等元素,回應自身對完美和創新的追求。是次展覽為兩人的首次聯展,屆時將展出他們的全新作品,本地藝術愛好者不容錯過。


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