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Panel Discussion: Mapping Hong Kong with anothermountainman : How Art and the City Intersect

Hong Kong has long been the master of reinvention, with a culture of transformation that moves across scales. Activating Hong Kong’s iconic architectures that define a continuously evolving urban landscape, is a vibrant and complex street culture, where life, commerce, industrialism, and innovation intersect. With that in mind, this conversation focuses on the work of artist and designer anothermountainman, who transforms observations of Hong Kong’s urban fabric into graphic and industrial design objects and artworks, to highlight he relationship between art, architecture, and the city. 

(speakers: artist, anothermountainman (Stanley Wong), Head of the Department of Architecture The University of Hong Kong, Dr. Eric Schuldenfrei, and Associate Professor The University of Hong Kong, Dr. Zhou Ying. As well, for moderator, PhD candidate, School of Modern Languages The University of Hong Kong, Anqi Li.

Credit: School of Modern Languages and Cultures in collaboration with Art Basel Hong Kong, supported by Lucie Chang Fine Arts

Date and Time: March 14th, 2023, 6:30pm-7:30pm

Location: CPD-G.02, The University of Hong Kong


First mask free major offline event (in conversation panel discussion) at Hong Kong after nearly 3 years! Thank you both The University of Hong Kong for organzing and for the first time Art Basel Hong Kong in collaboration with the university. It was a great sucess and sincerely appreciate all your invaluable contribution.


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