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Forever Young

Opening: 9.22. 2017 6pm

Exhibition duration: 9.23 - 11.25. 2017

Venue: Lucie Chang Fine Arts


“I’ve been denying to grow up”, Eddie Kang said, which has been translated into his everlasting philosophy in arts and life of celebrating purity, sincerity, fun-filled youthfulness, and more simply put in his words – “the better half of the world”. Kang has explored many different forms of artistic expression, from drawing to painting, toy and fashion accessory. Kang’s animated works contain repetitive patterns, imaginary animal-themed characters and a diverse range of bright color. Unlike the works by most of his more poignant peers, his works of art almost radiate a certain air of insouciance at the first glance. However, through time, the viewers will discover with delight that they promise warmth, entertainment and affection, and deliver Kang’s strong statement against a world of malice, insincerity and consurism.

The Korean Pop painter Eddie Kang debuts in Hong Kong with a solo show Forever Young at Lucie Chang Fine Arts from Sep 23 to Nov 25, 2017 (Vernissage opens to the public on September 22, Friday at 6pm). The show named after the sunny title will feature 15 pieces of his latest signature paintings and sculptures. Newly released limited editions of merchandise will be available at the gallery and through out Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Time Square and Seoul’s shopping area Gangnam are few places where Kang’s large-scale installations have been exhibited to the public. In parallel to the gallery exhibition, Asia Society Hong Kong Center is presenting Kang’s first out-door sculpture, Big City Life (2017), from September 27, 2017 to July 1, 2018.

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