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Opening: 7.18. 2017 6pm

Exhibition duration: 7.19 - 9.18. 2017

Venue: Lucie Chang Fine Arts


African Arts has come a long way from its previously ascribed tribal or primitive perceptions. As narratives continue to change, established and emerging artists from across Africa are very conscious of global affairs. As interests towards African Arts continues to grow, Lucie Chang Fine Arts and Mwimbi Fine Art Gallery will showcase three young artists from Zimbabwe currently at the forefront in contemporary visual practices entitled "Bridges". The three emerging artists from Zimbabwe are Tafadzwa Gwetai, Franklyn Dzingai and Anthony Bumhira. The exhibition will show their latest works, which come in the form paintings and screen prints.

The role played by artists is to partake, create dialogue and initiate conversations pertinent in our times. Although, the artworks in this context are specific to a country and region, the exhibition creates a Bridge for opportunities between Africa and Greater China. Opportunities to learn, exchange ideas, share experiences and commonalities. Each artist presents us with a Bridge of his own in the form of education, tradition, culture, religion, citizenship, past and present, as they unpack and interrogate these common themes, guests are invited to walk through these Bridges and explore a multitude of lens. The exhibition is curated by Chang Yue Lucie and Lee Garakara.

Three emerging artists from Zimbabwe; Tafadazwa Gwetai, Anthony Bumhira and Franklyn Dzingai. Tafadzwa Gwetai paints with mediums such as oils, mixed medium and found objects. Gwetai explores the human condition and how mankind has redefined themselves and their basic existence. He reintroduces and redefines mathematics with science and logic to create a new language. A language that challenges the very core of industry and its relevance to mankind. He views our existence as having been transformed into a virtual reality based paper work and documentation. Existentialist philosophy such as that of Rene Descartes and Plato who challenged the existence of man and founded the concept of ‘I think therefore I am’. This influenced his line of thought to that of challenging the purpose and meaning of mankind’s existence. Franklyn Dzingai specialises in printmaking. He prefers using cardboard for printing relief using the reductive method. Collage and drawing are often incorporated into his prints. His prints are typically vibrant in colour and ornate in design. He sources his images from books, magazines, newspapers and family photos. Themes such as social interactions and personal memories are found in his prints. Anthony Bumhira, the youngest of the three artists but already has works in the permanent collection of the National gallery of Zimbabwe and around the world.

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