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Frank Vigneron - Le Songe Creux

Opening: 5.26. 2016 6pm

Exhibition duration: 5.26 - 7.26. 2016

Venue: Lucie Chang Fine Arts


In order to celebrate French May, Lucie Chang Fine Arts is proud to present Frank Vigneron solo exhibition - Le Songe Creux from 5.26 to 7.26 2016. More than 15 paintings will be exhibited and the artist will join the opening.

The oeuvre series presented in this exhibition Le Songe Creux began in Paris in 1984, all drawn with a technical pen on paper but have been shown in many different forms - as paintings on a wall, in large-scale installations, all share the same basic idea of lines interacting in an ongoing process, a process that will only stop with the death of its maker.

"I have from the outset seen this project as a 'writing'." Frank Vigneron

Hong Kong-based artist Frank Vigneron joined the Chinese University of Hong Kong and in 2004, teaching courses on art history and theory. Vigneron has taken part in local and international exhibitions. His artworks explore individual life, space and time - often marked by a particular set of characteristics. In this exhibition, Vigneron continues in his artistic approach with the lines and rich shades of colours in his ink art, employing stroke and the constrained use of colour combination. The detail of these images draws the viewer's focus toward the spiritual expression of the artworks as well as engaging the city with a new level of dialogue.

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