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Born in 1977 in Tokyo, Japan. TENGA one started to form an interest in graffiti at the age of fourteen, and became an active graffiti artist from the 90s onwards. His resume also extends to collaborations with clothing brands and web design. TENGA one is a versatile artist, his body of work ranges from mural painting, sculpture to graphic design. He is known for his realistic and grotesque, yet comical and lively monsters. These are rendered on walls by spray cans with impressive technique. TENGA one portrays these monsters as “portraits” of the absurdities in modern society: wars, natural disasters, to political incidents and economic failures. Above all, through these monsters, TENGA one represents himself and the audience.


Combining the spontaneity of Graffiti and the conceptual practices of the Fine Arts, TENGA one successfully fusions the two expressive areas. His active artistic activity has led him to several features in Japanese galleries, and in 2008 he was invited by Walt Disney Production to be part of their collective exhibition Bloc28 held in Los Angeles.

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