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Agua de Valencia
Guardians of Kowloon
My Brand new cheongsam!


Now lives and works in Valencia, Spain 

Vinz started "Feel Free" project in 2011 in the streets and galleries of Europe and United States. Graduated from Fine Arts in 2003. Faculty of San Carlos, Polytechnic University of Valencia.

His work process is made up of several steps to create his unique fables. After sketching an idea, he photographs nude, isolated or orchestrated models in small groups. Then, he paints animal heads on large-scale prints of human figures, creating hybrid subjects with a system of symbols linked to various species: birds signify freedom and fish represent consumerism, while frogs and lizards convey authority; the Minotaur represents resistance, rabbits, curiosity and sensuality; and his last character, the tiger, boldness.

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