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The Other Side (Female Artists Group Exhibition) 女性藝術家聯展

June 15, 2023 – August 12, 2023

Lucie Chang Fine Arts is delighted to announce the upcoming exhibition The Other Side in June, featuring the works of eight young talented female artists born in or after 1980s: Alice Lin, Angel Hui, Bao Ho, ​Gedvile Bunikyte, Morgan Xinmo Wu, XZOO studio- M&X (Margie and Xinru) and Yu Xiao. Each artist brings her unique perspective on nature of life to the table through their creation by exploring various forms of media and materials.


Although the media, expressions and field of the artists are contrasting, observations and thoughts about daily lives and nature are their common muse. Alice Lin's paintings, blending wildlife, plants and human forms, employs surrealism to project the peaceful yet vacant reality in her eyes; Angel Hui combines daily necessities with traditional Chinese craft, as seen in her series【Embroidery on the plastic bag – Hong Kong Goldfish Street 2】, exhibited at Art Basel 2022; Bao, known for her freestyle work with mural, street art and illustrations, create fantastical scenes featuring human and animal characters that simultaneously reflect the daily life in our city; Gedvile Bunikyte uses colors, lines, and shapes as tools to capture her journey of personal transformation, inviting viewers to participate in a meditative experience; Morgan Wu explores social issues and the hidden symbols in nature through various media, materials and technology; XZOO studio (M&X) creates art furniture and sculptures that embodies a unique hybridity inspired by their deep understanding of culture and aesthetics from Eastern and Western life; Finally, Yu Xiao expands the boundaries of abstract painting and opens up viewing experiences by revealing the reality of life through her creative concept and emotional expression of “Underbelly”.


Despite their diverse styles and approaches, these artists share a common thread in their ability to capture the essence of their surroundings through their artistic creations. Each work symbolises the result of a breakthrough of self-consciousness, concepts and ideas are folded and expended repeatedly. Therefore, The Other Side is demonstrating the process of heterotopia to the public through different dimensions of life. Hoping the audience can jump out of the box, think in the other side, explore different possibilities in art expressions and life experience.

Lucie Chang Fine Arts 欣然呈獻在六月舉辦的展覽 The Other Side。我們將展出的作品來自八位八十後才華橫溢的年輕女性藝術家:徐琳琳、許開嬌、何文蕙、Gedvile Bunikyte、吳欣默、XZOO studio- M&X(趙夢笛和魏心儒)以及余曉。這些藝術家從周圍環境中汲取靈感,使用不同的媒體和材料進行創作,展示了他們對生活的本質獨特視角。


是次邀請參展的藝術家們所在的領域及題材使用看似南轅北轍,但她們的創作靈感皆源自對日常生活及大自然的觀察與反思。徐琳琳的繪畫融合了動植物和人類形態,利用超現實主義投射出她眼中平靜卻虛空的現實;許開嬌將生活必需品與中國傳統工藝相結合,如她在2022巴塞爾藝術展上展出的系列【膠袋刺繡--香港金魚街2】;Bao以她的壁畫、街頭藝術和插圖的自由風格作品而聞名,創造了以人類和動物角色和諧共處的奇幻場景,同時融入來自這個城市的日常生活元素;Gedvile Bunikyte使用顏色、線條和形狀作為工具來捕捉她的個人轉化歷程,並邀請觀眾一同參與冥想體驗;吳欣默透過使用各種媒體、材料和技術,探索社會問題和自然界中隱藏的符號;XZOO studio (M&X) 創造的藝術家具描繪了他們對東西方生活文化和美學的深刻理解,體現了獨一無二的混合性;最後,余曉通過關於“腹地”的創作觀念和感性表達,揭示生活的真實面貌,擴展抽象繪畫的邊界,開放觀看體驗。


儘管她們的風格和表達方法不盡相同,但這些女性藝術家均有一個共同點:通過藝術創作捕捉周圍環境本質的能力。每件作品皆象徵著她們跨越自我認知的邊界、思想反覆折疊再展開的結果。因此The Other Side是一個向大眾展示思想折疊過程的成果展。透過成品向大眾反推當時的思考過程,打破固有思維,引起大眾探索藝術不同的表達方式及其思考方法。

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