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"METAMANIAKS": A Solo Exhibition by the Last Man Standing

“METAMANIAKS”: 屹立不搖之人個展

March 9 opening reception

From Thursday, March 9, 2023, Lucie Chang Fine Arts is excited to present the Japanese graffiti pioneer artist, Snipe1’s solo exhibition “METAMANIAKS”. The first of our international artists to visit Hong Kong after the covid. The artist will showcase his fascinating graffiti paintings and sculptures. The following is the artist’s voice:


Welcome to "METAMANIAKS", my first solo exhibition of the year, a powerful statement on the current state of the world, and a call to action for those who dare to listen. For those who are well-versed in the world of computers, games, and the internet, the concept of "META" is no stranger. But for the general public, it is a word and a concept that has been popularized by the founder of "FACEBxxK", Mr. Mark Zuckerberg (or as I like to call him, Mark SuckerFugs). On October 28, 2021, he changed the name of his company to "META" and imprinted it on the brains of people all over the world.


As an artist and a member of the graffiti crew known as “METAMANIAKS”, I have always been aware of the power of words and images. I have used my art to bring attention to important issues, such as in my previous exhibitions: "Hidari Zingaro METAVIRUS" (2018 TOKYO), "METABUGS" (2019 BNGKOK), "METAZEALOT" (2020 LOS ANGELS), "METASHEEPLE" (2021 HONGKONG), and "METASPIRAL" (2022 TOKYO). But when Zuckerberg changed the name of his company, I felt like my voice was being drowned out. I was angry that it seemed like I was imitating his actions and I decided to end my solo exhibitions with the word "META". But I am not one to be defeated by a corporation. I am using this exhibition to expose the dangers that threaten our freedom, such as the World Economic Forum (WEF), which I believe represents a new form of authoritarianism, a modern-day fourth Reich. Meanwhile, the world is in the midst of war, with people fighting without understanding why. Food shortages, human consumption of protein-rich insects, and the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are all causes for concern.


The world is becoming increasingly complex and it is difficult to tell what is real and what is a simulation. The concepts of metaverse, cryptocurrency, blockchain, space exploration, quantum mechanics, holography, CERN's Large Hadron Collider, and companies like SPACE-X are all part of this new reality. But is this the singularity of humanity, or have we already passed it?


As the last standing member of the “METAMANIAKS” crew, I am using my art to educate the world and bring attention to these important issues. I may not have magic words like Zuckerberg, but I have my voice and my talent, and I will use them to create a better future for us all. And it is my hope that through my art, I can inspire and educate the minds and souls of those who see it. With "METAMANIAKS", I aim to shed light on the dangers and threats to our freedom, to bring awareness to the war that rages on, to the food shortages, and to the rise of authoritarianism embodied by organizations such as the WEF. I hope to spark a conversation, to challenge people's thoughts, and to ultimately encourage them to question the reality we live in. Through my work, I aim to not just entertain, but to provoke, to awaken, and to ultimately empower the masses.


Thank you for taking the time to listen and much love to you all.


[in Chinese]

Lucie Chang Fine Arts  3月9日,欣然呈現日本塗鴉藝術的先驅,Snipe1個展「METAMANIAKS」。這是疫情過後我們畫廊首位拜訪香港的國際藝術家,展覽將呈現精選的獨特塗鴉畫作和雕塑。以下是藝術家的心聲:


歡迎來到“METAMANIAKS”,這是我今年的首次個展,是對世界現狀強而有力的聲明,也是對敢於傾聽的人的行動呼籲。對於那些精通計算機、遊戲和互聯網世界的人來說,“META”的概念並不陌生。但對於大眾來說,這是一個詞和一個概念由“FACEBxxK”的創始人馬克·艾略特·扎克伯格先生推廣(我喜歡稱他為Mark SuckerFugs)。在2021年10月28日,他更改公司名稱為“META”,並將其印記在我們的腦海中。


作為一名藝術家和被稱為“METAMANIAKS”的塗鴉團隊的一員,我一直意識到文字和圖像的力量。我利用我 的藝術教育和引起人們關注,並令公眾意識到面臨著的重要問題。例如在過往的展覽中:“Hidari Zingaro METAVIRUS”(2018 年東京),“METABUGS”(2019 年泰國),“METAZEALOT”(2020 年洛杉磯), “METASHEEPLE”(2021 年香港)和“METASPIRAL”(2022 年東京)。可當扎克伯格先生更改公司名稱時, 我很憤怒,覺得我的聲音被淹沒了並顯得我像在模仿他的行為,於是我決定最後一次使用“META”這個詞在我 的個展。不過我並不是一個會被企業打敗的人。我利用這次展覽來揭露威脅我們自由的危險。比如世界經濟論 壇(WEF),我認為它代表了一種新形式的威權主義,一個現代的第四帝國。我們面臨的挑戰確實很大。令人深 感關切的是,如食物短缺、人類食用富含蛋白質的昆蟲以及聯合國的可持續發展目標 (SDG) 等種種跡象。 與此同時,世界正處於戰爭之中,但是沒有人明白自己為何而戰?










[in JPN]




ご存知の通り、そう“FACEBxxK”の創業者、レプティリアンでもあるマーク?ッカー?ーグ氏(Mark SuckerFugs)が

自社会社名を一晩のうちに ”META”に変え、全世界の人の脳に刷り込ませたのであった。時は2021年10月28日のこと。








HIdari Zingaroでの初個展。

“METAVIRUS” (FEB / 2018 東京、

“METABUGS”(NOV / 2019 バンコク) 、

”METAZEALOT”(FEB / 2020 ロサンゼルス)、


”METASPIRAL”(MAY /2022 東京)、


ジョージオーエルの1984のTHOUGHT POLICEのように私の思考を読み取られた如く、パクられてしまったのだ。。。。








本当に起こっているのか? 誰が黒幕で、戦争を止めないのか? 無情な命がどんどんなくなっていることにただ腹が立つ。




どれも本当に現実なのか? それともシミュレーション世界の中で我々は試されているのか?






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