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Duo Exhibition of Eddie Kang and Aruta Soup

L+/Lucie Chang Fine Arts is pleased to announce the opening of Unfamiliar Territory: Duo Exhibition of Eddie Kang and Aruta Soup at our new space in Wong Chuk Hang. The new exhibition will showcase the two artists’ fresh new pieces, which are experimental in style and recondite in subject matter compared to their previous works.

The title of this exhibition Unfamiliar Territory not only signifies the artistic experiments the two artists conducted in their new works but also implies the current situation of the world. Suffering from unprecedented pandemic, people are encouraged to step out of their comfort zone and embrace new challenges bravely and positively.

L+/Lucie Chang Fine Arts 將舉辦 UNFAMILIAR TERRITORY : Eddie Kang & Aruta Soup 聯 展。屆時將會展示兩位藝術家的全新作品,歡迎藝術愛好者前來欣賞他們在藝術風格和主題 上的新突破。 展覽的標題 UNFAMILIAR TERRITORY 不僅表明兩位藝術家的新嘗試,更指當今世界的情況。 面對前所未有的疫情,本次展覽也想鼓勵大家振作精神,勇敢積極迎接新的變化和挑戰。


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