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Ray - Morgan Xinmo Wu Solo Exhibition

Ray: Solo Exhibition of Morgan Xinmo Wu

Exhibition Period: 31 May 2018 - 30 June 2018 Venue: Lucie Chang Fine Arts

No. 26, Tai Ping Shan Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Lucie Chang Fine Arts is pleased to announce the opening of Ray: Morgan Xinmo Wu Solo Exhibition, Wu’s very first exhibition at Lucie Chang Fine Arts’ Hong Kong Sheung Wan space.

Motion of free swimming – and floating, too – is as assertive as physical form in the work of Shanghai-based artist Morgan Xinmo Wu, which toggles between photographic and oil painted flat and deep, negative and positive, moving and static. Trained in Shenyang, China as a photographer, Wu now combines photographic elements with canvas where colors shift in primary colors to capture the floating and moving status of those jelly-fish-like creatures.

The exhibition presents Ray series and two recent pieces from her renowned Jellyfish Series, all made in the past two years. Continuously centering her aesthetic approach, the new works stand out in a much larger scale and inviting color palettes and one installation work (Ray No.6) is arranged with a meticulous application of thinly painted multi-directional, space- searching trailing tentacles. “Colors, for me, are no longer what we see, but what we feel, what we live in. I’m self searching through my works”, said by Wu, “as an artist, as a female professional, as a women.”

Wu’s canvases verge on representation – of photographic effects, landscapes, and abstract indications – while also appearing to be in a state of subtle flux. The works draw on a wide range of cultural and aesthetic references, echoing our fascination with repeated patterns and dynamic color groups that can be found in both the manmade and oceanic world. “The presentation encourages viewers to view not only the works but changes in the movement, space and time”, said the Hong Kong based curator André Chan upon viewing the new series, “Ray plays with the lights and the shades.”

Morgan Xinmo Wu has presented exhibitions widely in different cities across the greater China area. Her works have also been involved in numerous private and public collections. She was also one of the top six contestants of Miss China Cosmos Pageant 2017. In collaboration with the charitable organization Save the Children, a workshop and artist talk is scheduled in the gallery June 2nd, 2018, with all profits contributed towards the support of children in developing countries.

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