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This figure ""Smile!"" is based on Eddie's puppy character ""Loveless"". Loveless was an abandoned and abused puppy whom his family rescued from being put to death. For Eddie, Loveless was a brave little fighter who survived from major surgery and lasted 3 more strong years which is out of the expectation of the doctor.

Eddie wants to make the figure ""Smile!"" to spread the bravery spirit Loveless carried and let people understand the miracle from power of love he and his family experienced through Loveless.


這個模型公仔“Smile取材於Eddie的小狗角色“Loveless”Loveless曾被主人遺棄和虐待,Eddie的家人把他從處死中救出。對於Eddie來說,Loveless是一個勇敢的小戰士, 從大手術中倖存下來,並出乎醫生的意料繼而堅持了3年。




Eddie Kang


Eddie Kang is a well-known Korean artist. His works have been collected by Chinese and Korean celebrities such as Jay Chou, JJ Lin, BTS, and famous Korean actors Jun Ji-hyun and Lee Yo Won as well as Yuri from Girls' Generation. The cartoon characters created by Eddie, such as the white puppy Loveless, and the pink bear Bubble, are very healing and deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. They have been made into a variety of fashionable and limited figures, and they have also collaborated with many brands. Among all, the global cooperation of fashion brand MCM is the most well known. He has also been interviewed by Vogue magazine and shared his journey as being an artist. In addition to star collectors, the Hong Kong Asia Society, K11 Art Foundation, and many private art galleries all have permanent collections of his works.

Eddie Kang, Smile!

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