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PACOWHY 1982: Drawing, painting and collage
Pacowhy First Hong Kong Solo Exhibition

Lucie Chang Fine Arts is pleased to announce the representation of Pacowhy (Seoul, South Korea), the first solo exhibition in Hong Kong. An international graffiti and trend artist will take over the gallery with an installation of 18 pieces of new works.


In these collections, his creative inspiration comes from his life and work. The displays are based on the theme of Chinese zodiac signs of this year (Tiger). Through paintings, he depicts his personal emotions and experiences. By working on different series of paintings, Pacowhy explores themes like “the tiger of 2022”, “find your identity” and “the cow of 2021” , using words and pictures to present in a diversified way, on his way to finding a sense of personal identity as an artist. The works include the observation of his feelings during the pandemic and meditate on the relationship between self and one another.


Focusing on Disney's old animations, Paco also has a keen interest in films, especially include cartoon images of classic characters. He developed an extraordinary style with multi- techniques such as graffiti, painting, and collage on canvas. His works often combine well-known popular images, while retaining many original traces of painting on the canvas. Familiar yet diverse tiger characters always appear in his works, a series that represents the work like retro graffiti street art. The overall color tone of his work is shabby, faded, and ends in dark tones. The overall picture is vivid and interesting, with the aim of comforting audiences.


His work is like a personal diary, a constant pleasure to read, while also having an impact and resonance with the audience. Among the various works, Pacowhy hopes to reflect the commonality of humans with the tiger as the representative animal of the year and record our most authentic, down-to-earth daily life through various methods.

PACOWHY 1982:繪畫,素描與拼貼


Lucie Chang Fine Arts 欣然呈獻展覽「PACOWHY 1982:繪畫,素描與拼貼」。Pacowhy作為國際塗鴉和潮流藝術家的首次香港個展,全面展示他近年來的創作脈絡,展覽包含了18件的全新畫作。










"the tiger of 2022"series《2022年的老虎》系列

作品中出現了熟悉多樣的老虎角色,像是在復古的街頭藝術中塗鴉老頭一樣表現作品的系列。 整體的色感是破舊褪色的暗色調收尾。


Familiar yet diverse tiger characters appear in the "tiger of 2022" series. This series of works is like an old man doing graffiti arts on retro streets. The overall color tone is worn and faded with a dark tone as its ending.


"find your identity" series《尋找你的身份》系列



In the process of finding a sense of personal identity as a writer, the feelings and thoughts felt are recorded in words and pictures, and the series is expressed, researched and tried in various ways.


"the cow of 2021" series《2021的牛年》系列



Familiar yet diverse ox characters appear in the "the cow of 2021" series. This series of works is like an old man doing graffiti arts on retro streets. The overall color tone is worn and faded with a dark tone as its ending.

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