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“Serendipper” Novo Solo Exhibition

November 30, 2023 – February 17, 2024



“Serendipper,” Novo’s first exhibition in Hong Kong, is a collection of his still life and interior scenes.


“Serendipper” referring to “one who finds joy by chance,” presents unexpected encounters with a charming scene in an unfamiliar place, or an object that has been waiting for you in a huge vintage market that you need a whole day to explore all. Even a tin case or glasses on your desk that you see every day sometimes evoke some intense emotions. Novo loves the joy and excitement of these serendipitous discoveries. In most cases, the discovery feels surprising, but on second thought those situations are something so common that we often miss them. So the artist focuses on expressing his own universe rather than depicting the external world, and develops himself by closely paying attention to the psychology of his happy moments.


Novo, who unflinchingly spotlights his life through works across diverse genres, grew up in a homogenized and controlled society, which made him thirsty for diversity, and has since been inspired by objects that speak to him. Novo's work consistently expresses his outlook on life in pursuit of happiness. The artist, for example, constantly explores and depicts his favorite objects, plants that grow freely, and feelings of joy and excitement. He says it would be meaningless to delve into the artist's intentions, as he just wanted to express emotions and feelings through his work.


Novo paints various objects he observes. He is expanding his world without hesitation from still life filled with his favorite objects to interiors inspired by an irresistible sense of space. He gets ideas about the overall composition from the main images, and completes the details by finding them in his own archives and adding them in the form of collage. Since he is creating his own world by reconstructing multiple images, the world in his work, although it is based on the world we live in, is not real. In other words, he is showing traces of where he came from, what he loves, and what he is interested in, while at the same time depicting today’s world we share.


He believes that his work can bring joy to those who share the culture of his time. Hence, he intends to guide people in his work to experience true pleasure, joy, and happiness beyond visual excitement. He truly hopes that his special scenes will gift everyone with meaningful moments.



Producer Yewon Chu










製作者 Yewon Chu

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