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Date: August 24 – September 11, 2023

Lucie Chang Fine Arts/L+ is pleased to announce the upcoming exhibition of Multiple Identities, featuring the works of eight talented Artists. Participating Artists include Alex Lam, Alfred Cheng, Amanda Lee, Carlos Koo, Damian Boylan,  Giedrius Sruogis, Jlee 360 and Kwai Bun.


*All Artists of this exhibition are selected and handpicked by Jessica Lee. Jlee is also known as Jlee/Jlee 360 which is one of the participating Artists of Multiple identities.


Jlee is an Art Professional, certified laughter yoga leader, multidisciplinary Artist, Art dealer, Art Consultant and more. She believes that ART is the universal language that draws and brings people together.  She has collaborated with Lucie Chang Fine Arts/L+ and created this unique exhibition called “Multiple Identities.” She wishes people to embrace their different roles and sides in life and encourages positive thinking.  Jlee believes that not only full-time artists have the talent, all these participating artists have one thing in common which is the passion in ART and also the multiple roles in their career and life.  Jlee would love to provide a stage for these multitalented artists to shine and display their works.


During the exhibition period, it includes private tour and art music performance and special workshops. “Multiple identities” featuring the works of eight talented unique artists from different background. Medium includes copper, marble artworks, drawings, paintings and wearable art watch. 


“Having Multiple identities make people attractive and creative, it allows people to view things in different angles and bring people together” Jlee 360


“I am, it seems, interested in people with multiple identities , I think we all have multiple identities.” Dana Spiotta –  Dana is the author, winner of the St. Francis College Literary Prize.



Jlee 360 – (Artist, Certified Laughter Yoga Leader, Art Dealer, Art Consultant, Curator…)

   Jlee 360 plays different roles and wears different hats in the Art field, she is an Art professional, multidisciplinary Artist, certified laughter yoga leader, Art Dealer,  Art Consultant, Art Blogger, Curator, Art Director, Certified Laughter Yoga Leader and more. She was born in Taiwan and was raised in Hong Kong. She pursued her higher education in the field of Arts at the Simon Fraser University and pursued Art Business at Christie’s London. As an Art professional, Jlee oversee the partnership with Art galleries, auction houses and museums. Jlee has recently resigned from her full time stable job and focus more on herself and people around her. She continues pursuing the Artistic journey, embracing not only an Art career but also an Art life.


Alex Lam (Artist ,Yoga teacher, Singer/Songwriter, Actor…)

   Alex’s music, Art, and imagination draw inspiration from a wide spectrum of other arts such as literature, music and film. Heavily influenced by “Magical Realism”, Alex often paints from a world where reality and fiction are intertwined and the forces that are often invisible are very influential. Alex is an enthusiastic learner and does not believe anyone should limit themselves to any one vocation. He himself is a yoga teacher, singer/songwriter, actor, and artist. He believes crossing over is incredibly beneficial to the creative process. Alex hopes through all his different mediums one can dive deeper into the dimension of his Art.

Alfred Cheng (Artist, Nutritionist, Beauty Devices Trading…)

    A thread art artist based in Hong Kong. A self-taught artist recreates iconic portraits by weaving a single thread around hundreds of metal nails at the edge of canvas. He believes perfection simply doesn’t exist. When only with things that is truly loved, can one achieve the “imperfect culmination”. Alfred is committed to breaking the invisible boundary that lies between art and science, instead, he wants to merge them into a coexisting being and give artworks a new definition. Without boundary, it allows Alfred to explore the subtle parts in different areas and combine them together to create his own language and present it to the world in an actual form.


Amanda Lee (Artist, Singer, Actress…)

   Amanda Lee Wai Man was born and raised in Hong Kong. She has loved art and performance since she was a child, and later became a successful professional singer and actress. She released more than 20 albums and performed in more than 60 films, stage plays and musicals. Her works are best-known for their richness and strong emotions. She has also been nominated for Leading Actress at the Asia-Pacific Film Festival, Best Supporting Actress at both Golden Horse Award and Hong Kong Film Awards. In recent years, she has a deeper understanding of the changes in the environment and the different stages of life, so she has picked up the brush again to express her feelings and convey her thoughts through paintings, creating a splendid communication with her viewers.


Carlos Koo (Artist, Actor, Metal Carver, Engraver…)

    Carlos Koo is renowned as an actor, model, and professional metal carver. With more than 15 years of international working experience with top brands, thus inspired to view things in a new sight. In 2015, he was entrenched in the art of metal carving. To further his skills, by 2017, Carlos travelled to Bali and learnt "Metal Hand Engraving" under the master I DEWA SAPUTRA, a well-known international engraver. After his first exhibition in 2019, his personalised hand-engraved product has gained a large following. Up till now, he is regarded as the only motorcycle metal engraver in HONG KONG.


Damian Boylan (Artist, Engineer, Scientist…)

    British-born Boylan lives and works in Hong Kong, China. He became a scientist, and completed a Master’s degree (MEng) in Aerospace Engineering, long before turning to art. Those early beginnings pervade his work, which is multidisciplinary in range, including Painting, Photography, Videography and Sound. Boylan experiments with fundamental physical phenomena, and expands upon them, presenting the result to the viewer as art. Damian Boylan's material centric, process driven techniques span the disciplines to explore themes pertaining to time and consciousness.


Giedrius Srugogis (Performer, Music Producer, DJ, Visual Raconteur…)

    Gie, the creative tornado, juggles multiple hats as a performer, music producer, DJ, and visual raconteur, using the mediums of photography and film. His unique style crafts a sensory feast for his followers. Gie's sets are a rollercoaster ride of emotions, radiating his distinct uplifting vibe. His work is a voyage through the auditory and visual realms, transporting his audience into his unique world. Fuelled by a fervour for creativity and a ceaseless quest to innovate, Gie constantly pushes the envelope in his art, experimenting with novel sounds, visuals, and narrative techniques. His ambition? To inspire others to unlock their creative potential and to redefine the possible in the music and visual art landscape.


Kwai Bun (Artist, Fashion technologist, Serial-entrepreneur, and ULF Camera Inventor…)

   A visual artist with a “purist” approach for human figure: pure mastery in sophistication of lines, as he improvised through 100+ sessions of life-model drawing in the past 7 years, Some describe his work as “Subconscious maps of human figure” or “Pure vomiting of his sophisticated brain”. His obsession with human figure also manifested in his 2 patented technology: “Quantum Human” & “Quantum Fit. Due to his highly original yet contradicting works in both traditional art and technology engineering, (also huge camera construction and entrepreneurship), many would wonder how he seemingly fully utilize his left and right brain. His answer will be “Look at my artwork you will know.”

Lucie Chang Fine Arts/L+ 很高興地宣布即將舉辦 “多重身份” 展覽,展出八位才華橫溢的藝術家的作品。參與藝術家包括林德信、鄭偉浩、   李蕙敏、古天祥、Damian Boylan, Giedrius Sruogis, 李皓霖和桂濱。


*本次展覽的所有藝術家均由Jessica Lee(Jlee/Jlee 360)精心挑選。 Jlee也是參與“多重身份”展覽的藝術家之一。

Jlee 是一位藝術專業人士、認證的大笑瑜伽領袖、跨學科藝術家、藝術品經銷商、藝術顧問等。她相信藝術是將人們聚集在一起的通用語言。她與 Lucie Chang Fine Arts/L+ 合作,Jlee創作了這個名為 “多重身份” 的獨特展覽。她希望人們擁抱生活中的不同角色和人們的多面性,並鼓勵積極思考。 Jlee認為,不僅全職藝術家有才華,所有參與的藝術家都有一個共同點,那就是對藝術的熱情以及在職業和生活中的不同角色。 Jlee很高興為這些多才多藝的藝術家提供一個展示作品發光發亮的舞台。

展覽期間包括私人導賞 、藝術音樂表演以及特別工作坊。 “多重身份”八位獨特、才華橫溢的藝術家來自不同背景。媒介包括銅、雲石、銅的藝術品、繪畫、和藝術手錶。



“擁有多重身份使人們更有吸引力和創造力,允許人們從不同的角度看待事物並將人們聚集在一起… Jlee 360


“我似乎對具有多重身份的人感興趣,我認為我們都有多重身份” - 達娜•斯皮奧塔


達娜•斯皮奧塔(Dana Spiotta)是美國作家,聖弗朗西斯學院文學獎獲得者。



Jlee 360 (李皓霖) – (藝術家、認證大笑瑜伽領袖、藝術品經銷商、藝術顧問、策展人、藝術總監…)

Jlee 在加拿大的⻄蒙菲莎大學攻讀藝術學,曾在倫敦的佳士得進修藝術商業。作為一名藝術專業人士,她經常與慈善機構、藝術博覽會、畫廊、 拍賣行、博物館等合作。最近她辭去了穩定的全職工作、更加關注自己和身邊的人、繼續追求自己的藝術之旅,不僅擁抱藝術事業、也擁抱藝術生活。


林德信 ( 藝術家, 瑜伽老師、歌手/詞曲作者、演員…)



鄭偉浩 (藝術家, 營養學家, 美容儀器貿易…)

Alfred Cheng 是位香港線畫藝術家,他的作品均以一根線編織在畫布邊緣上的數百口金屬釘子,創造出逼真的線畫,致力打破大眾眼中藝術和科學的邊界。在墨爾本和香港分別完成學士及碩士學位後,他認為科學與藝術能夠並存,更希望將兩者融合,從而創造出屬於自己的語言。


李蕙敏 (藝術家, 歌手, 演員…)



古天祥(藝術家、演員 、金屬雕刻師…)

古天祥從事演藝行業接近 20 年。較為人熟悉的作品包括《賭城風雲》《無間道》等。他亦是現時香港少數的金屬雕刻師。多年與頂級國際品牌工作的經驗激發他以新的眼光觀看事物。他向國際知名雕刻大師 I DEWA SAPUTRA 學習”金屬手工雕刻”。他的作品在首次參展後受到各界的一致好評。


Damian Boylan (藝術家, 工程師, 科學家…)

Damian Boylan出生於英國,目前在香港生活。早在轉投藝術界之前他便是一名科學家,並獲得了航空航天工程碩士學位 (MEng)。這些早期經歷貫穿於他的作品中,包括繪畫、攝影、攝像和聲樂。他以材料為中心,探索與時間和意識有關的主題,將對物理現象進行的實驗結果轉化為藝術呈現給觀眾。


Giedrius Srugogis (表演者、音樂製作人、DJ、視覺藝術家)

Gie 是位多藝術家、表演者、音樂製作人、DJ 。他採用攝影和電影媒介,融合了音樂、故事和視覺藝術,為他的追隨者打造了一場感官盛宴。 20 多年來,Gie 一直活躍在各種規模的舞台上,他的作品就像坐過山車一樣,散發著他獨特的振奮人心的氛圍。


Kwai Bun (藝術家, 時尚技術專家、創業者、企業家和 ULF 相機發明者…)



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