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Lucid Dream

Group Exhibition of Alice Lin, So Youn Lee & Miloza Ma

Exhibition Date: July 20 – August 31 2019, 10-7 pm

展覽日期:7月20日 - 8月31日   時間: 10-7 pm

L+/ Lucie Chang Fine Arts is pleased to present a trio exhibition, titled Lucid Dream, of three creative and talented female artists from Asia, Alice Lin (Beijing), Miloza Ma (Hong Kong) & So Young Lee (Seoul). In Shakespeare’s plot, midsummer is a time for dreams, dreams that ought to be dramatic yet enlightening. How are we enlightened in dreams? Aristotle attempted to capture that very fragile condition of dreaming: ‘Often when one is asleep, there is something in consciousness which declares that what then presents itself is but a dream.’ As such, dreams are not always about creating bubbles. Dreams involve one’s consciousness too, which they are called ‘lucid dream’.


Consciously dreaming results in vivid colors and surrealistic imagination. Alice Lin, rooted from the traditional technique of Gongbi, combines human figures, plants and animals into different shapes of creatures. Miloza Ma distorted shapes of the characters in the artist’s dreamland. On the other hand, genderless figures in So Youn Lee’s works are innocent and joyous. The three artists consciously create dream-like stage for the characters to act in their own dreams. 

L+/ Lucie Chang Fine Arts 將呈獻題為「醒 夢」的三人展覽,展出三位來自亞洲的女藝術家:徐琳琳(北京)、米路沙(香港)和 李素允(首爾)。在莎士比亞的筆下,仲夏是做夢的時分,要做戲劇化而又具啟蒙意義的夢。那如何啟發做夢中的人呢?亞里士多德寫:「當一個人睡著的時候,意識的某部份會泉湧而出並宣稱為夢。」夢並不完全虛幻,夢的構成也需要意識的參與。而後人一般把此概念稱之為「清醒夢」。



Selected Artworks:


Left top: So Youn Lee. “Sunshine”. Oil and Acrylic on Canvas. 60.96  x 72.6 cm. 2014 
Left bottom: Alice Lin. “Rabbit and Baby Jellyfish”. Pencil on Paper. 54 x 39 cm. 2019

Right: Miloza Ma. “Sanctity” Acrylic on Canvas. 100 x 50 cm. 2015

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