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Like a guiding star - Eddie Kang 守護者般的星辰 - 姜錫鉉個人展 
Date: February 22 – April 20, 2024

Lucie Chang Fine Arts is delighted to announce the opening of Korean artist Eddie Kang’s (b.1980) exhibition- “Like a Guiding Star”. Kang expresses his life journey in a bright, warm, and optimistic manner, and this exhibition will present various paintings and sculptures that have never been exhibited in Hong Kong.


Kang’s works have been exhibited at different museums and art galleries, including Gana Art (Seoul), Paradise Zip (Seoul), Luohu Art Museum (Shenzhen), and Metaphysical Art Gallery (Taipei). As for his public collections and collaborations, Kang’s works exist in different institutions and brands, such as the Wooyang Museum of Contemporary Art (Gyeongju), Kolon, Amore, and Asia Society Hong Kong. He also collaborates with Korea NBA, MCM, Tribeca Film Festival Chanel, LG, etc. Kang’s artworks are well-known and collected by celebrities across the world. Famous artists such as Jay Chou, JJ Lin, BTS member j-hope, famous Korean actors Jun Ji-hyun and Lee Yo-won, and Yuri of Girls’ Generation also acquired Kang’s artworks.


Kang observes that people nowadays easily get lost and miss something precious in urban life; something might have forgotten but not wholly lost, such as childhood memories. Kang uses art to heal people from the competition-oriented contemporary society and the highly individualistic urban society. Kang gives comfort to modern people who are feeling tired.


In this exhibition, the audience could find Yeti, a character that Kang creates to commemorate his relative, Yeti is considered as a guiding, comforting figure to support their loved ones. For Kang, Yeti is a savior who always protects and stays with him. This exhibition consists of three main series of Kang’s artworks: 1) Upside down; 2) Draw your own map; 3) It will be alright, and the audience could also find some other Kang’s artworks in this exhibition. “Upside down” is related to Kang’s own life experience and the outbreak of COVID. The scattered phrases and images indicate the hardships and suffering he had been through, but hope, still, embedded in his works. “Draw your own map” shows how Kang is trying to communicate with himself and rebuild connections with places through maps. Kang will also present works related to the map of Hong Kong in this exhibition. “It will be alright” depicts a sense of love that is not merely physical but transcends it.


Kang’s works deliver a healing experience, allowing us to understand our inner selves and learn how to live in such a stressful society.


韓國藝術家姜錫鉉(生於1980年)個展“Like a guiding star”(守護者般的星辰) 將在Lucie Chang Fine Arts開幕。姜錫鉉以一種明亮、溫柔和樂觀的方式,通過各種繪畫和雕塑作品來分享他的人生旅程。而本次展覽將會呈現各種他未曾在香港展出過的作品。


姜錫鉉的作品曾在不同的博物館和藝術畫廊展出,包括Gana Art(首爾)、Paradise Zip(首爾)、羅湖美術館(深圳)、形而上畫廊(台北)。至於他的公共收藏和合作項目的作品也存在於不同的機構和品牌中,如Wooyang Museum of Contemporary Art、Kolon、Amore、Panda Express、Alley Way、亞洲協會香港中心等。他也與韓國NBA、MCM、翠貝卡電影節香奈兒、LG等合作。姜錫鉉的藝術作品被世界各地的名人所熟知和收藏,例如周杰倫、林俊傑、防彈少年團j-hope、韓國著名演員全智賢、李枖原、少女時代Yuri等著名藝人也收藏了姜先生的作品。




觀眾可以在本次展覽看到姜錫鉉所創造的人物「雪人」Yeti。Yeti源於姜錫鉉已逝親人的思念,因而創作出 Yeti這個角色,作為繼續支持、陪伴和安慰親人的象徵。對他來說,Yeti就是一個永遠保護他、陪伴他的救世主。本次展覽主要由三個系列的作品組成:1) Upside down; 2) Draw your own map; 3) It will be alright。此外,觀眾還可以在展覽中找到姜錫鉉其他的作品。Upside down與姜錫鉉自己的生活經歷有關,散落在周圍的詞語和圖像代表著他經歷所過的困難和痛苦,但他的作品仍透露出希望。Draw your own map是以地圖作為創作方式與自己對話的系列,並著重在創作過程中重建自己與一些地方的連結。而姜錫鉉這次更會為帶來跟香港地圖有關的作品。通過從實際地圖上繪製來產生新的詮釋和意義,以表達以更好的方式生活的願景。It will be alright則描述了一種超脫肉體和物質意義的愛。



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