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Jordi Machi,  90x90cm, Modern Romance, Acrylic and Collage on canvas 布面丙烯和拼貼畫,2022
Jordi Machi, 90x90cm, Like, Acrylic and Collage on canvas 布面丙烯和拼貼畫, 2022

Jordi Machí

Jordi Machí was born in 1983 in Algemesí (Spain), where he graduated in fine arts at the polytechnic university of Valencia. From the beginning of his artistic career, he had significant international exposure through his stays in Venice and São Paulo, while studying fine arts at the university of San Carlos. Art would bring him to reside for a short period in Lebanon and later, in the United States of America. his work has been exhibited in several countries including Spain, Italy, England, Brazil, Belgium, the USA, and Lebanon.

Living abroad has given Jordi great exposure and in recent years he has received commissions from well-known “Hollywood” celebrities. today, he is well recognized as an artist, both within and outside Spain, and speaks many languages; these include the most international language of all: art

Inspired by a multitude of references among which the cartoons of his childhood stand out, he gives life to mischievous and ironic representations of popular characters such as Popeyes or tom & jerry, in settings and environments that would, most probably, not be approved by their original creators. in addition, it draws from the influence of a large number of artists like Egon Schiele or Norman Rockwell.

In his latest collections, he shows a more intimate and heartbreaking facet that has captivated prestigious media, which identifies him among the group of young contemporary Spanish painters with more international projection. He currently lives in Madrid where he is dedicated to his passion and devotion, to art.


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