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Jessie Siu

​Jessie Siu, a postgraduate in the philosophy of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, is a self-taught painter. Her work shows a heavy influence of both existentialist and Taoist philosophy. Since her encounter with Buddhism in 2018, Buddhist philosophy has been a recurring theme for her work. To challenge the limitations of the flatness and stillness of the canvas. Jessie continuously explores different styles and new mediums to incorporate into her practice. 

Making art is my practical approach to seek the ultimate truth and to see beyond the veil of reality. The universe is vast and boundless, human lift is only a small part of the cosmos. Through or limited knowledge and reasoning we are unable to fathom the truth of the universe. Our faculty of limitations we would never be able to see beyond the perceived reality. Through my artistic practice, I fully open my mind & awareness. Setting my mind on the canvas, flowing along with the paintbrush, traversing into the realm of emptiness. Exploring the truth of life with an open mind is important, as the mind is the essence of the universe. Only by getting rid of ignorance from our mind can reach for the infinite wisdom within us. We are unable to see the truth within us because they are hidden under the veil of ignorance. I hope my work will be able to lift the curtain of ignorance and let the light of truth shines into the window of your mind. With the light of truth and wisdom you can finally meet your truth wise self in the mirror and return to the infinity of the universe. 

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