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Selected Modern Inks

Selected Modern Inks

Lucie Chang Fine Arts is delighted to invite you to visit the Selected Modern Inks Exhibition, a group show featuring renowned ink painters, Li Jin, Qin Feng, Frank Vigneron, and Yang Kai. The exhibition will take place from Thursday, September 6, to Sunday, October 8, 2018, with the private viewing availability from Monday to Saturday during the course of the exhibition.

Inside the gallery's permanent collection, packed with over two decades of history with ink art, the exhibition is presenting a selected group of wildly-acclaimed and most-exhibited ink works by four renowned artists across the globe. It almost feels like an extension of the complex, cross-cultural conversation going on between the organization and the ink culture.

Lucie Chang Fine Arts攜手L+誠摯的邀請您參加由著名藝術家李津、秦風、Frank Vigneron教授和楊凱的典藏當代水墨收藏展。 展覽將於9月6日星期四至10月8日星期日以私人導覽方式舉行,敬請來電或電郵預約。

此次展覽由四位知名國際藝術家精心挑选Lucie Chang Fine Arts多年館藏,詮釋當代水墨藝術發展二十年之脈絡,從氣勢滂礡的大筆觸到精巧的細節,在水墨文化當中品味虛實之間,橫跨文化之間的藩籬,重組水墨之間的對話。

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