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One Man Resistance

Aruta Soup Solo Exhibition in UNSCHEDULED

One Man Resistance

L+ / Lucie Chang Fine Arts is delighted to announce our participation in UNSCHEDULED to be held in Tai Kwun. We will present "One Man Resistance", a solo exhibition of Aruta Soup. With the sharp lines, the vivid colors, and the iconic characters, Aruta carries on his effort on the social critique with his own weapons. The solo show is an attempt to evoke reflections on the modern era of information explosion. Immersed in a condensed and vigorous background depicting the social media, the rabbit is overwhelmed by the massive information and undergoes a struggling process of choosing to take the information or to stay awake and away from it. The deeply rooted inner conflict pervades in the works of Aruta Soup accumulates to trigger an act of collective awakening.

Aruta Soup is a popular artist in the Japanese street art scene. Presented in a Japanese ‘kawaii’ aesthetic, the wounded bunny in Aruta's paintings is the projected image of himself, who experiences a battle inside himself or between himself and the chaotic world that always seemed to be the one-man resistance. In the show, a selected series of new works from Aruta will be exhibited. We look forward to your visit.

L+ / Lucie Chang Fine Arts 很高興能參與在大館舉行的 UNSCHEDULED 特展。我們將展示藝術家 Aruta Soup 的個展 “One Man Resistance 抗衡”。憑藉鮮明的線條,鮮豔的色彩和標誌性角色作為「武器」,Aruta 用自己的方式進行對社會批判,試圖喚起人們對現代信息爆炸時代的反思。筆下的兔子沉浸在代表著社交媒體的密集而充滿活力的背景之中,被海量信息所淹沒,掙扎於是否獲取信息或保持清醒並遠離信息的循環。根深蒂固的內心衝突瀰漫在 Aruta Soup 的作品中,從而引發了一場集體覺醒。

Aruta Soup 在日本街頭藝術界有著相當的知名度。畫作中的受傷兔子以日系「卡哇伊」美學的形式呈現,是他自身的影射。他與他自己的內心世界或自己與混沌世界之間經歷著不斷的鬥爭,而這似乎終究是一個人的抗衡。此次展覽中,我們將展出 Aruta 一系列精選新作品,期待你的光臨。

​Date 日期

Preview 預覽

Address 地址
Booth D04, LG2/F, Block 01, Tai Kwun 10 Hollywood Rd, Central
香港中環荷李活道10號大館第1座LG2/F 展位D04

Opening Hours 開放時間
17/6/2020 11 am - 10 pm
18-26/6/2020 12 pm - 7 pm
27/6/2020 12 pm - 6 pm

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