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Solo Exhibition of Aruta Soup

Solo Exhibition of Aruta Soup

Lucie Chang Fine Arts is pleased to present “Mad Tea Party”, a solo exhibition of a Japanese artist Aruta Soup. Featuring a new body of works, Aruta Soup is trying to get to the side of truth in a plane created by logical thought and the very primitive action – slapping a solid mass of paint on support. Through these series of works, he hopes he will be able to connect and expand the consciousness of those who receive the frequencies emitted from the paintings.

​Mad Tea Party is going to open on 6 January and runs until early March 2022. This is the first exhibition of Lucie Chang Fine Arts in 2022!

​March Hare is a mad trickster rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. Him and MadHatter and SleepyMouse invite her to a mad tea party where they play riddles with no answers.

​From Aruta Soup’s point of view, modern society is built on the absurdity of being ruled by a few powerful people, and that the information that comes down to the public is constantly being altered to suit them so that even if you scour the depths of the dark web for information, you will never reach the truth in your own lifetime. In this case, he could cross see Alice being invited to a mad tea party and being at the mercy of people who are being violated by this fabricated information every day.

三月兔是愛麗絲夢遊仙境中的瘋狂兔子。他、瘋帽子和困鼠邀請愛麗絲參與他們神秘的瘋狂 茶會,並玩沒有答案的猜謎遊戲。

在我看來,現代的荒謬之處是社會被少數有權勢的人所統治,而公眾的信息也在不斷地改變 以符合他們的要求,所以即使你在黑暗網站中搜尋信息,在有生之年中亦永遠無法獲得真相。


​最近,我一直不停地在畫他,就像一隻狂躁的三月兔。即使是現在,我也在充滿瘋狂兔子的 新宿工作室裡寫這篇聲明。不要誤會我的意思,我是一個怪異而充滿好奇心的人,所以即使 在這樣一個荒謬和信息貧乏的世界裡,我也覺得很美。

​我認為我的角色是試圖在一個平面上,盡可能努力地傳達真理。透過極其原始的動作,用一 定質量的顏料撞擊畫板,從而希望能擴大我的意識,並與那些從我的畫中接收到這些頻率的 人聯繫起來。

​Exhibition 展覽:
6 January 2022 – early March 2022
Opening Hours 開放時間:
Tue - Sat 10am - 7pm
二至六 上午10時 - 下午7時

Artists 藝術家:
Aruta Soup

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