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Global Children
Spanish New Wave artists, first Asia group exhibition
David de Limón (1981), Julieta XLF (1982) and Jordi Machí (1983)

Lucie Chang Fine Arts in Hong Kong, China, in collaboration with Galeria Cuatro in Valencia, Spain, present a group exhibition of Spanish New Wave artists ‘Global Children’ at Lucie Chang Fine Arts Hong Kong, China from 15th October until December 2022.


The group show will present over 20 works by Spanish artists David de Limón (1981), Julieta XLF (1982) and Jordi Machí (1983). It is the first time these artists will be shown in Asia, and is a turning point for the newly coined ‘Spanish New Wave’ movement in the region.


The exhibition aspires to exalt multiculturalism, credit globalisation and uncover social influences between the Spanish artists and Asian audiences. The fictional characters, and cartoons in their art are not accidental, they are an unequivocal result of Western artists being inspired by Asian expression. A sense of cultural curiosity for anime and manga subcultures comes through, making works from major cultural events like the Internet Age, ‘Kawaii’, Nintendo, and Super Mario. A fantastical sense and vibrant style create comparisons between the Spanish visual artists, meant to draw appreciation from adults and elderly, to children.


About the Artists:

David de Limón, urban artist, illustrator and designer was born in Valencia, Spain. He began his urban interventions doing graffiti in 1998 with the Tag or signature "LIMÓN". Since 2014, his work on the streets, as an urban artist, consisted of repeatedly capturing the illustration of a ‘ninja’ character who interacts with the environment. This show will highlight works with his signature masked characters amidst backdrops from Asian cartoons, anime and video games, from dragons in the sky to GameBoys, kawaii robots and Fuji mountain-esque environments.


Jordi Machí, born in 1983 in Algemesí, Spain. Graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Polytechnic University of Valencia, with additional studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of San Carlos in Brazil. Jordi's works have recognition beyond Spain, with important exhibitions in Italy, England, Brazil, Belgium, Lebanon, and the United States. The artist's work was born from the digital age, globalisation and connection. Depicting human characters that play into social anxiety and mental health, especially with his use of vibrant colour and contrast to reflect emotion. Hidden behind the faces and bodies, as if scratched out, are influences of the 21st Century; Pokémon, Social Media icons, cartoons and 8-bit characters.


Julieta.XLF, born in Valencia, Spain, in 1982. Degree in Fine Arts from the Polytechnic of Valencia and specialist in illustration from the Academy of San Carlos in the same city. The artist works are 'post-graffiti', with influences from Japanese kawaii and psychedelic pop. She is currently one of the most recognized urban artists in Spain, with murals not only in the country but also in other locations such as Amsterdam, Chicago, Luxembourg, Mexico among others. A predominant feature of her work circles around nature and the environment, hyper colourful reds, yellows, blues and greens a motif, the subject a young girl in touch with nature from fauna to flora. Her works border on the sweet and innocent with clear influences from big, bright eyed Japanese characters.












                                                                      Artwork: Vinz

Alongside the three artists on show, Lucie Chang Fine Arts will showcase works by renowned Spanish artist Vinz (1979). A separate series of three works by the urban artist will be on private show throughout the duration of ‘Global Children.’ The newly commissioned works were inspired by Hong Kong symbols with tigers, eagles and lions; and are in continuation with the artists most notable project ‘Feel Free’, which he started in 2011.


‘Feel Free’ researches the innate hunt for individual freedom through the power of nudity and animal characterizations. Vinz’s ‘Feel Free’ works have been widely exhibited internationally, through several thematic presentations in the US, Austria and Switzerland. In 2020, the Government of Valencia, Spain (The Generalitat Valenciana) incorporated his work into their permanent collection.

中國香港的 Lucie Chang Fine Arts 與西班牙巴倫西亞的 Galeria Cuatro 合作,於 10 月 15 日至 2022 年 12 月在中國香港 Lucie Chang Fine Arts 舉辦西班牙新浪潮藝術家 ‘Global Children’ 的群展。


群展將呈現西班牙藝術家 David de Limón (1981)、Julieta XLF (1982) 和 Jordi Machí (1983) 的 20 多件作品。這是三位藝術家首次在亞洲展出,也將是該地區新創西班牙藝術新浪潮的轉折點。





David de Limón,城市藝術家、插畫家和設計師,出生於西班牙瓦倫西亞。 1998 年,他開始進行城市干預,使用標籤或簽名“LIMÓN”進行塗鴉。自 2014 年以來,作為一名城市藝術家,他在街頭的作品包括反复捕捉與環境互動的“忍者”角色的插圖。在這個展覽將突出他標誌性蒙面角色的作品,從天空中的龍到 GameBoys、卡哇伊機器人和富士山式的環境中以亞洲卡通、動畫和電子遊戲為背景。



Jordi Machí,1983 年出生於西班牙阿爾赫梅西。畢業於瓦倫西亞理工大學美術學院,並在巴西聖卡洛斯大學美術學院進修。 Jordi 的作品在西班牙及眾多地區享有盛譽,在意大利、英國、巴西、比利時、黎巴嫩和美國都有重要的展覽。藝術家的作品誕生於數字時代、全球化和聯繫。描繪影響社交焦慮和心理健康的人類角色,尤其是藝術家使用鮮豔的色彩和對比來反映情感。如被刮掉隱藏在面孔和身體背後,是21世紀的影響;精靈寶可夢、社交媒體圖標、卡通和 8-bit 人物。


Julieta.XLF,1982 年出生於西班牙瓦倫西亞。瓦倫西亞理工學院美術學位,同城聖卡洛斯學院插畫專業。藝術家的作品是“後塗鴉”,受到日本卡哇伊和迷幻流行音樂的影響。她目前是西班牙最受認可的城市藝術家之一,不僅在該國,而且在阿姆斯特丹、芝加哥、盧森堡、墨西哥等其他地方都有壁畫。她的作品的一個主要特點是圍繞自然和環境,以色彩繽紛的紅色、黃色、藍色和綠色為主題,主題是一個年輕女孩從動物相到植物群的自然接觸。她的作品接近甜美和天真,明顯受到大而明亮的日本人物的影響。












                                                                             Artwork: Vinz

除了展出的三位藝術家之外,Lucie Chang Fine Arts 還將展出西班牙著名藝術家 Vinz (1979) 的作品。這位城市藝術家的三件單獨系列作品將在“全球兒童”期間進行私人展覽。新委託的作品的靈感來自香港的象徵如老虎、鷹和獅子;並繼續在 2011 年開始的藝術家最著名的項目“Feel Free”。


“Feel Free”通過裸體和動物表徵的力量研究了對個人自由的天生追求。 Vinz 的“Feel Free”作品已通過在美國、奧地利和瑞士的多個主題展示在國際上廣泛展出。 2020 年,西班牙瓦倫西亞政府 (The Generalitat Valenciana) 將他的作品納入了他們的永久收藏。


For more information and details on the works, please contact the gallery.



Global Children

Presented by Lucie Chang Fine Arts Hong Kong

From 15th October to December 2022

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