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David de Limón

David de Limón, urban artist, illustrator and designer from the city of Valencia. He began his urban interventions doing graffiti in 1998 with the Tag or signature "LIMÓN", although soon his signature is also represented with the illustration or icon of a lemon slice that he painted for years.

At the same time, he began his academic training studying Graphic Design at the Barreira school in Valencia. He continues with artistic photography at the EASD school in Valencia, studying for one year at the Ecole de Saint Luc, in Liege, Belgium. He was graduated in Fine Arts from the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

Since 2014, the work he has been doing on the streets, as an urban artist, consists of repeatedly capturing the illustration of a masked character who interacts with the environment. This character appears on the streets in the form of an icon or as part of more complex wall compositions.

Like an illustrator who works on paper a hypothetical character and his universe, David de Limón has evolved and explained his character's imagination, but in his case using the walls of the streets as a test bed. All this imagination and the essence of the character-icon is also captured on paper and canvas, making the leap from the walls of the streets to the walls of galleries and homes.

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