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MetaSheeple "Which Iz the Shepard?"  
Snipe1 Solo Exhibition

L+/Lucie Chang Fine Arts is pleased to announce the opening of the 2021 Snipe1 Solo Exhibition *METASHEEPLE* ---"Which Iz The Shepard?" at the gallery’s newly opened art space in Wong Chuk Hang. Snipe1 is a prominent Japanese graffiti writer who has been active since the dawn of Japanese graffiti and collaborated with TAKASHI MURAKAMI and MADSAKI. The prescient title of snipe1’s debut exhibition was “METAVIRUS (Tokyo_2018)”, followed by “METABUGS (BBK_2019)” Bangkok and then “METAZEALOT (LA_2020)” Los Angeles.

“METASHEEPLE (HK_2021)” is the first solo exhibition of Snipe1 in Hong Kong. He continues the phenomenological scale, revealing the direct causality between the virus and the sociological response to the pandemic. Another highlight of his works reflects the social tendency, like the fanaticism towards non-fungible tokens (NFT). The rise and fall in the NFT are controlling the financial sector at the same time influencing the daily life of modern people, his works create resonance in all of us.

Starting from 2020, with the implication of the spread of COVID-19, Snipe1 has discovered and inspired by the varied responses caused. Some people may believe in everything that the government advocates while some may follow the majority. On the other hand, there are rebels who instinctively distrust authority. Some people may only concern about their interest to fulfill their desires or rely on themselves to scrutinize information within the chaos.

Snipe1 uses his artworks to destroy our comforting misconceptions and show us the world has changed completely by incorporating an edge of “dirtiness” that lends to an unmistakable individual style and continuously breaking viewers’ stereotypes. His artworks show us that the sci-fi dystopia he has been warning us about is already here. During this “new normal” and through this exhibition, we can ask ourselves "Are we changing from shepherds to sheep, or from sheep to shepherds?" "Where is the truth, where are the lies?" With such thought-provoking artworks, *METASHEEPLE* marks the debut artworks of Snipe 1 which is a must-go exhibition for local art lovers.


L+ /  Lucie Chang Fine Arts 很榮幸於畫廊的黃竹坑新址舉辦 2021 Snipe1個人展覽: *METASHEEPLE* ---"Which Iz The Shepard?"。Snipe1是日本先鋒塗鴉藝術家,曾與村上隆MADSAKI合作,自日本塗鴉界嶄露頭角以來就一直相當活躍。從Snipe1首次展覽,METAVIRUS(東京_2018),接著的METABUGS(曼谷_2019),還有METAZEALOT(洛杉磯_2020)的展覽,可看出來他的先見之明。

這次METASHEEPLE (香港_2021)是Snipe1在香港的首次個人展覽,他繼續以社會現象作為展覽主題,呈現導致病毒和社會對這次流行病反應的因果關係。除外,他另一部分的作品映射了時下社會趨勢,如虛擬貨幣的熱潮,貨幣的升跌不僅控制了金融市場,更逐漸影響現代人日常生活,讓 看到作品的人們產生強烈共鳴。

從2020年開始,人類受到COVID-19這種病毒傳播的影響,Snipe1也被大眾不同的反應啟發去創作。他發現有些人完全依據政府發放的信息行事,有些人則接受多數人的意見再採取相應行動。有些反對派卻懷疑政府,也有在混亂的情況下只顧滿足自己需求的人,還有自覺去 審查信息的人。

Snipe1一直透過他的作品提醒我們世界已經與過去不同了,Snipe1試圖打破我們安逸的心態,加入他獨有並鮮明的“骯髒”風格, 打破大眾對塗鴉文化的刻板印象。 這次的展覽再次揭示科幻世界裏的烏托邦已經出現了。在這種 "新常態 "下,這次展覽讓我們反思自己是從牧羊人變成羊,還是從羊變成牧羊人?真相在哪裡,謊言又在哪裡呢?是次個人展覽,將展出Snipe1的全新作品及發人深省的藝術作品,本地藝術愛好者不容錯過。

Exhibition 展覽:

Exhibition Date 展覽日期:

5/6/2021 – 31/7/2021


Venue: Lucie Chang Fine Arts

Address 地址:

Unit C, 12/F, Gee Chang Hong Centre, 65 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Wong Chuk Hang, HK

(MTR Exit A)

香港黃竹坑道65號志昌行中心12樓 C室



Opening Hours 開放時間:

Tue - Sat 10am - 7pm

星期二至六 上午10時 - 下午7時
Tel:+852 2546 8128   Fax:+852 2546 8028


Exhibition closing soon!

Join us on our last day of exhibition.

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