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Chen Wenling

Chen, born in 1969, in Fujian, China is a contemporary Chinese Neo-Realist artist. Through a variety of surreal, often grotesque sculptures—most often executed in a bright monochrome red—he examines the rapid rise of consumerism in modern-day China and the fraught relationship with its more austere Communist past. Among the recurring characters in Chen’s work are emaciated young boys, pig-like humanoids, and obese demons, all of which the artist deploys to create his biting social satire. Born in 1969 in Quanzhou, China to a poor family, he went on to study at Xiamen Academy of Art. He quickly found international critical and commercial success, with his work exhibited both within China and abroad at the Guangzhou Art Museum, the Duolun Museum of Modern Art, and Basel Switzerland. In 1999, Chen won the Venice Biennale’s top prize, the prestigious Golden Lion. He continues to exhibit around the world and lives and works in a Beijing, China. Idea Life is strikingbronze piece that stands 90cm in height - skilled, whimsical and experimental. "I've felt excited about launching the piece for the very first time for Hong Kong audience," said Chen, "I wonder how many questions they will have about the piece, and how many answers after that".

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