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LCFA x anothermountainman solo exhibition, Dec 9, 2022.png

on hong kong // anothermountainman solo 2022

香港 / 人情事 // 又一山人個展 2022

December 9, 2022 – March 4, 2023

Red-White-Blue fabric, first appeared in the 1960s, was used as a cladding for the scaffolding at building sites. It was durable and waterproof, therefore, it was later used for producing plastic bags. Though red-white-blue fabric is generally considered to be tawdry, it is a metaphor for the spirit of Hong Kong from Stanley’s point of view:



is existence, participation, devotion and commitment.

is perseverance, diligence and endurance.

likes the Hong Kong people of 1960s and 1970s…


Lucie Chang Fine Arts is proud to announce for this winter, we are presenting the exhibition “on hong kong // anothermountainman solo 2022” by anothermountainman (Stanley Wong), which will bring together the long-running redwhiteblue collection, including the new series “seeing words in hong kong / redwhiteblue // words talking / self talking /”. On top of that, showcasing classic creations, sculptures “redwhiteblue / back to future” and photographs “painting by god”, “to begin with, there’s no matter” and “scavenging / existing in respect” alongside. He translates characteristics of the city into various art projects with the technique, silk screen on canvas, to address a fresh viewpoint with perceptual experience in response to today, the uniqueness of Hong Kong. Moreover, the promotion of well-being and social values.


In corresponding to this exhibition, he utilizes his works to infect and reinvert the space, referencing the ubiquitous Hong Kong fabric as well as his origins. The artist brings his passion for photography and various creative mediums into the space with a strong focus on social issues. "redwhiteblue" is like the HK spirit that lies behind the material- resilience, and adaptability. Over the past two decades, he gained international awareness with his ‘red, white and blue’ series that promotes the ‘positive spirit of Hong Kong’, which he presented at the 51st Venice Biennale in 2005 representing Hong Kong.


Stanley Wong ping-pui, better known as anothermountainman on the art scene was born in 1960. He is both renowned contemporary artist and designer. Along his career, he received over 600 local, Asian and international awards for his art, photography, design and advertising works. As an artist, his artworks were awarded in 2012 at Hong Kong contemporary art awards and been selected at Hong Kong Art biennial exhibition both in 2003 and 1999. Many of his works have been exhibited in local and overseas galleries and museums in more than 150 shows, including a solo show at Hong Kong Heritage Museum in 2019-2020, Singapore, Tokyo ggg in 2015, Singapore Hermès gallery art installation in 2013 and UK Manchester, Chinese Art Centre in 2010, etc. In addition, there are also exhibitions curations throughout the years, such as the solo exhibition at HKHM in 2019, photography group exhibition at Hong Kong art center in 2012 and group exhibition at China Shenzhen oct gallery & Hong Kong Artistree in 2011. Collectors of his works include Hong Kong Heritage Museum, Hong Kong Museum of Art, Hong Kong M+ and London V&A Museum, Beijing today Museum, and so on.


***The artist will be presenting solo exhibition at 2023 Hong Kong Art Basel, during March 21-25.***




一般人認為是 “土炮” 的紅白藍,








Lucie Chang Fine Arts很榮幸地宣布,今年冬天,我們將呈現又一山人,《香港 / 人情事 // 又一山人個展2022》。這將匯集長期紅白藍的系列,將再度展出《紅白藍 / 回到未來》雕塑及攝影作品包括《神畫》、《本來無一事》和《拾吓拾吓》。隨著其經典創作藝術家亦會展出近期的藝術作品包括《香港看字 / 紅白藍 // 字言。字語》。他運用絲網印刷在畫布上,將城市的特徵轉化為各種藝術作品,以全新的視角和感性體驗回應了當今香港的獨特性,推廣生活及社會價值。


又一山人 (本名,黃炳培),生於1960年,著名藝術家及設計師。黃氏對個人視覺創作及攝影十分熱衷及積極,尤其專注社會狀況題材。過去近二十年,他以「紅白藍」系列作品推動「正面香港」精神,獲香港本地及國際關注,並於2005年代表香港參加威尼斯藝術雙年展。

黃氏之藝術、攝影、設計及廣告作品屢獲香港及國際獎項達六百多項。作為一名藝術家,他的作品於2012年香港當代藝術獎中獲獎,並於2003年和1999年在香港藝術雙年展中入選。其藝術及設計創作於香港、海外超過 150場展覽中展出,包括2019-2020年在香港文化博物館舉辦的大型個展、2015年於東京ggg、2013年於新加坡愛馬仕、2010年英國曼徹斯特,中國藝術中心等等。此外,多年來也有藝術策展,如2019年HKHM個展,2012年香港藝術中心攝影群展,2011年中國深圳華·美術館和香港Artistree群展。作品並獲多間國際藝術館收藏,包括香港文化博物館、香港藝術館、香港西九M+及倫敦V&A Museum、北京今日博物館等等。




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