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Diego is known as one of best graffiti writers in Tokyo (but in secret different name). His activity in the street is more than 10 years, and well known in underground graffiti scene worldwide. Diego is known for his abstract paintings inhabited by a cast of humorous anthropomorphic characters inspired by everything he sees daily on the streets – from plastic bottles and wastepaper to stray rats and running cars.

Diego’s artist career is very fast, he started participating art shows since 2015, but held his solo show at Hidarizingaro by Takashi Murakami in 2018. Takashi collaborated with Diego in “ART BASEL HK 2018”, “FRIEZE NY 2018”, and “Bubble Wrap at Kumamoto Art Museum”. Not just only Murakami, many street artists support his activities such as Barry Mcgee. He is also known as member of SIDE CORE and director of “Legal Shutter Tokyo”. Legal Shutter Tokyo is developing more than 60 murals in Tokyo, and it’s becoming one of biggest mural projects in Japan. His style of graffiti and painting is “Comic Abstract”, which is modern graffiti style of now age, abstract painting by deforming cartoon character shapes. He also collaborated with fashion brand such as APPLE BUTTER STORE, and his design became premier. From all those activities, Diego is surely one of important artists who has graffiti back ground and gathering people attention.


Hong Kong

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