Hundred Species II - Peggy Chan Solo Exhibition 百樣生態II - 陳佩玲個展

再見紅樹林 Adeus, Floresta de mangal Bye, The Mangrove Forest 藍曬、陽光、時間、水彩紙 、藝術微噴打印 Cianotipo, luz solar, tempo, filme e pino em papel , Impressão giclée em papel Cyanotype , Sunlight, Time & Giclee print on paper 2017 423.5X202cm 在資料搜集過程中,看到報導和研究者對澳門生態的紀錄、有如看到一個人工的島嶼演變。因填海及城市發展,存在於澳門唯一多功能的天然凈化場「紅樹林」,亦隨之而消失。 走訪僅有的濕地和生態保護區,有感自然環境生態在這城的矛盾存在。作品用藍曬沖相技術,透過日光、時間和水,呈現「紅樹林」的風景,加入彩色的圍板壁畫,形成強烈的對比。 During my research on the Macao’s Ecological documentary, I had come across with all sort of reports and study. It is an experience like watching an evolution of an artificial island. Due to the later on reclamation and urban development, the mangrove forest, which had served as the only natural purifications i

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